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Dear customers, With the Spring Festivals approaching,we sincerely would like to extendour bestwish and thanks to our customers for yoursupporting and trust. According to our companys condition,the Holiday of Spring Festival is as follows: F… More >>

The Environmental Protection Tax Law of the Peoples Republic of China, as adopted at the 25th Session of the Standing Committee of the Twelfth National Peoples Congress of the Peoples Republic of China on December 25, 2016, is hereby issued,… More >>

Since November 15, 2017, China has implemented the most stringent shutdown order, steel, coking, building materials, non-ferrous ect all industries are limited production. Foundry industry in addition to the furnace, natural gas furnace whic… More >>

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Environmental Protection Department issued the 2+26 cities ,part of the industrial sector in the autumn of 2017-2018 to carry out the wrong peak production notice, which was known as the most stringent… More >>

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China National holiday Notice

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放假通知Holiday Notice 2017年中国国庆节和中秋节期间,鼎森公司将于10月1日到10月8日放假,9日正式上班。期间有急事请直接联系Alice:手机和微信MobileWhatsAppWechat: (86)15830737600 2017 China Na… More >>

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Since July 10th, theUSD/CNY rate changes breakthrough6.8, 6.7, 6.6, 6.5, to6.45on September 12th; no onehave thought thatRMB would appreciate nearly 4% within 2 months. Recently,atextile companys semi-annual report shows that, RMB appreciat… More >>

Director of the Department of Environmental Protection policy and regulation says: We never asked the environmental protection Department to the imposition of an uniform model for enterprises. On the contrary, the leader of the Ministry of… More >>

Customs:Total import and export trade in the first 7 months is 15.46 trillion yuan From January to July in 2017, Chinas foreign trade situation was steady and good. General Administration of Customs statistics showed that imports and expo… More >>

Dubai Torch Tower fire-DS

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Dubais Torch Tower fire August 4th 2017, A large blaze has ripped through one of the largest residential buildings in the world, the Torch Tower in Dubai. Flames shot up the side of the skyscraper, sending debris tumbling from the 337m (1,1… More >>

CISPI antidumping pipe fittings

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CISPI antidumping for Cast Iron Soil Pipe Fittings from China On July 13, 2017, the Cast Iron Soil Pipe Institute (CISPI) filed a petition for the imposition of antidumping duties and countervailing duties on imports of Cast Iron Soil Pipe… More >>

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