Pig iron price rises


Under the influence of international price of iron ore, recently scrap steel price soared and pig iron price started to rise. Also environmental protection impacts that high quality carburizing agent is out of stock. Then casting iron price may rise in future month. Here is the following details:


1 Pig iron and coke

In Shandong, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Hebei, Henan and other regions although the iron shippments are small, but there are very few manufacturers in production so inventory is not much. Rising of steel market,coke and ore prices impacts that iron prices have risen, last week pig iron rose up 1%- 3%, coke rose 2% and both inventory reduced. Summer power peak comes,demand and price of coke will continue to grow. But due to the high temperature and off season comes, steel and foundries ‘ demand for pig iron is not better, It is expected that the price increases not too much in the short term.

2 Scrap and carburizing agent

The cupola of foundry was removed due to environmental matters, many corporations began to change frequency electric furnace melting process, using low cost and recycled scrap steel and carburizing agent to produce ductile iron or gray iron. Fine graphite carburizing agent is the key,but the first half year enviromental protection led to many factories shut down and carburizing agent be out of stock. What is more, scrap prices soared so factories’ cost increased and casting iron pipes &fittings price may increase too.
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