Good!No imposing uniformity!Factories restore production!

Director of the Department of Environmental Protection policy and regulation says: "We never asked the environmental protection Department to 'the imposition of an uniform model for enterprises’ . On the contrary, the leader of the Ministry of Environmental Protection has two clear attitudes:
First, to oppose the local lax supervision,making the illegal enterprises exist for a long time to pollute environment, which is inaction.
Second, to oppose the local usually do nothing but when environmental inspection to take a simple and rough method, one-sided treatment of development and environmental protection,which is indiscriminate action.
We are against the usual inaction, also against the indiscriminate action ’’

Recently, Shandong Province actively change the way of environmental rectification, so that more than 1500 "scattered pollution" enterprises through acceptance and the official resume production! On September 2th,Zhejiang Province also issued a notice regarding to correctly guide some small and medium-sized enterprises to resume normal production and operation. The original rectification enterprise acceptance rate is only 20% now can reach 70%. Small and medium-sized Enterprises finally see the hope!
2017 our factory actively invest environmental protection equipment,strictly meet government requirements, and in normal production. In face of the four-quarter China may be again limited production, we already make production schedule in advance and do inventory to strive for each customer delivery in time. More details, please call 86-0310-8906676 or email, . 
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