2017 heating season-China's most stringent shutdown order

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Environmental Protection Department issued the "2+26" cities ,part of the industrial sector in the autumn of 2017-2018 to carry out the wrong peak production notice, which was known as the most stringent shutdown orders. It requirements:
  1.  1)  "2+26"in Shijiazhuang, Tangshan, Handan, Anyang and other key cities, heating season (November 15, 2017 to March 15, 2018) steel production capacity limits 50%, to verify by  blast furnace actual power consumption. Other "2+26" cities limit production according to local air quality.
  2.  2) During the period of heavy pollution warning,steel, coking enterprises should take as much as possible cut-off or limited production (the whole lines stop) ect to achieve emergency emission reduction.
  3.  3) Foundry Industry, in addition to meet the requirements of the discharge of electric furnace, natural gas furnace, other foundry smelting equipment heating season shutdown. The special circumstances do require to produce, should apply municipal government for approval; Electric furnace, natural gas furnace in yellow and above heavy pollution weather warning period should be discontinued.
Other measures include: Henan-forbid sale of diesel oil; Shandong-implementation of the wrong peak transport; Jiangsu- 12 Inspection teams cross mutual check;Beijing-Shut down for four months;Tianjin- Shutdown for 6 months.
The short-term impact of environmental remediation is limited capacity in the foundry Industry, enterprise costs and product prices continue to rise, profit margin plummet, thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises closed. While in the long run, the casting industry's survival of fittest, upgrading, in future China will be free from the situation of low price and bad competition, but to develop personalized services and competitive brands. Our DS brand of cast iron pipe fittings are widely sold in Europe, and there is large inventory to recruit agents in global world. We strive to build a world-class national pipeline brand.
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