Foundry event|2017 China Foundry Week&exhibition

Meet in Suzhou, November 14-17th, 2017 China Foundry Week, November 16-18th, 2017 China Foundry Congress&Exhibition, will be grand opening!


1 China Foundry Week

China Foundry Week is well known for its knowledge sharing of foundry industry. Every year, foundry professionals meet to share knowledge and learn from each others, it has become China's foundry industry annual event. 2017 Nov 14-17th,It contains 90 Papers, 6 Special subjects, 1000 Professional attendees.
Especial topic ‘’In the implementing environmental protection policies, how will foundry industry of China survive and develop?’’
From the end of 2016, any environmental polluter that can’t effectively implement corrective measures will be completely shut down. All of foundry men try their best to solve the problem of current foundry industry. They will share their views during the plenary session and technical sessions. The organizer will invite Ministry of Environmental Protection to explain the environmental protection policies and tell the foundry factories how to do. In the mean time, new casting technology, new materials and the direction of foundry development will be discussed by experts.

2  China Foundry Congress&Exhibition

Based on the professional service platform of “China Foundry Week” held on an annual basis, a centralized exhibition of the latest and representative casting equipment, products, technologies and research results in the casting field.
CHINACAST 2017 is really worth your expect.
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