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Dinsen Impex Corp, a major supplier in the Chinese market of cast iron drainage pipe systems since 2007, offers SML cast iron pipes and fittings as well as couplings. Our couplingssizes range from DN40 to DN300, including type B coupling, ty… More >>

How to Cut Cast Iron Pipe

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Dinsen Impex Corp is one of professional suppliers for cast iron drainage pipesystems in China. Our pipes are supplied with a standard length of 3 m, while they can be cut at the required size. An important condition is to fix the pipe secur… More >>

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Dinsen is one of the fastest growingcompany,offering full range of EN877 standard cast iron pipes and fittings in China. Here we introducethe installation of SML horizontal and vertical pipes, welcome tocall us to communicate for more detail… More >>

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Dinsen Impex Corp focuses on research and development of EN877 cast iron pipes,fittings and couplings. DS SML pipes commonly are connected by stainless steel coupling type B, which can withstand hydrostatic pressure between 0 and 0.5 bar. Bu… More >>

DS brand New Product -BML Bridge pipe Dinsen Impex Corp is committed to the European standard EN877 cast iron drainage pipes and pipe fittings development and production, now its DS brand SML cast iron pipe system has been distributed all o… More >>

casting common defects 2

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Six castings commondefectscauses and prevent methods, not collecting will beyour loss! ((Part2) We will continue to introduce you to the otherthree kinds of casting common defectsand solutions. 4 Crack (hot crack, cold crack) 1)Features: Th… More >>

casting common defects

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casting defects,Porosity ,bubbles, choke hole, Pocket,Shrinkage,Slag holes… More >>

cast iron fittings-sand casting

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Production technology of cast iron pipe fittings-sand casting 1. Sand casting introduction Sand casting is used to make large parts. Molten metal is poured into a mold cavity formed out of sand. The cavity in the sand is formed by using a p… More >>

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Dinsen SML pipe coating test

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The Cross-Cut test is a simple and easily practicable method for evaluating the adhesion of single or multi-coat systems. Dinsen’s quality inspection staff does it to test our cast iron pipe epoxy coating adhesion, all the test is full acc… More >>

CONGRATULATION!! NEW ARRIVAL ,CAST IRON SPUN PIPE FOR RAINWATER SYSTEM With the slowing down in centrifugal speed, it is very the first cast iron spun pipe with ears in China which is manufactured by one-piece centrifugal casting method. T… More >>

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