Pipe connection / Pipe joint and repair clamp

New product: Pipe connection/pipe joint/ and repair clamp



Pipe connection / pipe joint is more convenient, reliable and safe to Pipeline installation. It can be used for different size and material pipeline. The surface of pipe connection / pipe joint can prevent external corrosion.


Pipe Repair and Connection


Pipe connection/ Pipe joint is used widely to connect appliance.  We can offer comprehensive range of pipe connection from DN32 to DN500.
After connected by  Pipe connection/ Pipe joint, pipe will become more reliability enhancement. In addition to high voltage and special line outside, almost all pipeline can use it to connect. Due to the product of the weight of the same specifications for only 30% of the flange, so it's more suitable to use in gravity eccentric, distortions and and noisy environment, especially more outstanding in the severe heat bilges cold shrink place.
Dinsen also supply a comprehensive range of pipe repair from DN50 up to DN600. Features of pipe repair is pressure sealing, reliable, fireproof , easy and fast to install and maintain. It can be completed the work in 10 minutes without any skills requirement.

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