Dinsen develops new product- Grip collar

Dinsen Impex Corp focuses on research and development of EN877 cast iron pipes,fittings and couplings. DS SML pipes commonly are connected by stainless steel coupling type B, which can withstand hydrostatic pressure between 0 and 0.5 bar. But some drainage pipe work pressure maybe higher than 0.5 bar, so Dinsen developed new DS grip collar onto couplings to protect it.The axial restraint of grip collar can up to DN50-100: 10 bar, DN150-200: 5 bar ,DN250-300: 3 bar.

Conditions for installation(coupling secured with grip collar) When drainage pipe work maybe exposed to an internal pressure loading higher than 0.5bar.
1. Pipes laid under the ground water table
2. Waste water pipes or rainwater pipes running through several storeys without outlets
3. Pipework operating under pressure for waste water pumped installation
4. End thrust forces at the change of direction have to be addressed to avoid disconnection or slippage of the pipeline systems
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