How to install EN877 SML cast iron pipes ?

Dinsen is one of the fastest growing company,offering full range of EN877 standard cast iron pipes and fittings in China. Here we introduce the installation of SML horizontal and vertical pipes, welcome to call us to communicate for more details,sincerely we will serve you.

Horizontal pipe installation

1) Each  3m length pipe should be supported by 2 brackets,the distances of the fixings brackets should be even and not exceed a length of 2m .The length of pipe between a bracket and a coupling should not less than 0.10 m and not exceed 0.75m.

2) Installation shall respect a slight fall, around 1 or 2%, and 0.5% at a minimum, (5mm per metre), and the bending of conjunction between 2 pipes/fittings must be not exceeded 3°.

3) Horzontal pipes must be securely fastened at all changes of direction and branches.At every 10-15m, a special fixing arm should be attached to a bracket to prevent pendular movement of the pipe run.

Vertical pipe installation 

1) Vertical pipe is also fastened at maximum 2m distance,if a storey is 2.5m high,then need fixed twice per storey,among that may install all branches directly.

2) The vertical pipe should be fixed not closer than 30mm to the wall to allow easily maintenance.When it through walls,you need to use a special fixing arm and a bracket at the bottom of pipe.

3) Install a downpipe supports at every fifth floor( height 2.5m)or 15m,we recommend to fix it in the first floor.
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