EN877 SML pipe

DN, мм Weight, кг Code
40 12.5 DP-040
50 13.0 DP-050
75 19.0 DP-075
100 25.2 DP-100
125 35.8 DP-125
150 42.2 DP-150
200 69.3 DP-200
250 99.8 DP-250
300 129.7 DP-300
400 180.0 DP-400
500 250.0 DP-500
600 328.5 DP-600
Dinsen supplies a comprehensive range of EN877 SML drainage cast iron pipe and fittings from DN 40 up to DN 300.   Apart from the simple EN877
cast iron fittings such as bends, branches and reductions.   Dinsen also supplies special fittings such as single branch, short pipe with door. EN877
SML cast iron pipes are suitable for installation inside or outside buildings. When grey iron pipes was been installed outside the buildings, it will not
get rust with the protection of the coating.

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